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Production Design

Our productions are designed with impact in mind, may it be small or big, short term or long term. Despite the scope and the duration, the impact on video production is intended for different parties involved in the whole production processes. We categorized these parties into groups of people or communities in accordance to the video production stage.

At the start of a project, the production activities are concentrated on the filmmakers. The filmmakers, cast & crew are impact beneficiaries, one of the communities that will receive impact of the production activities. The impact being discussed is not an income in form of professional fees (yes we pay our team), but here we are looking at capacity building, opportunity, and learning experience.

In the production of Ola Sita Inawae
(Adonara & Lembata; Indonesia, 2016), one of our production

which involved women head of family in the island of Adonara & Lembata, we trained widows, single women, mothers who are marginalized group and local residents to be our production crew and film casts. In this project the impact on the filmmakers, cast & crew are capacity building, opportunity and learning experience. For the film makers it is one of a kind experience to have the opportunity of doing a production with a group of marginalized women who has no experience in filmmaking, and together creating a story about their life struggle.

At the end of the production when the film is screened, in a documentary production there are two groups of beneficiaries, the film subject and the audience. During the scriptwriting and the pre-production, like any other video and film production we thought through of what the audience will see and how the video is going to have impact in terms of knowledge, understanding, learning and sometimes as far as change of paradigm. This impact may be followed by different emotion such as growing respect toward something or someone, engaging discussion, and even a specific action.

The documentary Toraja Melo, Weaving Compassion in Toraja (Toraja, Indonesia, 2015) that tells a story about Toraja handloom weaving created a certain pride in Torajanese in general and specially among the weaving artisans having the fact that their cultural heritage is being acknowledged. This in turn spread knowledge about Toraja weaving that was little know before and created demand for the Toraja weaving, that was nearly forgotten.

In the case where the production is a commissioned project, the production design takes into account the purpose and mission of the commissioner party. We are in partnership with local communities, enabler and organizations who work in empowerment and education. The film or video acts as a tool to support their work.