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Exploration & Immersion
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Exploration & Immersion

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Film Production

In our work we have known that film production -especially some branch of documentary film – is a great tool for experiential learning.

‘By experiencing in real life activities, students are able to efficiently transform the knowledge learnt from the classroom and textbook into their understanding. Traditional class-room based learning may not always create deep impression in students because of its didactic, passive and standardized nature, yet the active and practical nature of experiential learning tends to facilitate deep understanding.

The shift in our conception of learning from behaviorism and passive learning to

cognitive, social, and constructivist reinforces the idea of meaningful learning’ (Exploring an Essential Learning Project through Kolb’s Learning Theory using a Qualitative Research Method, Cecilia K.Y Chan, European Journal of Engineering Education August 2012, researchgate.net )

All our film production required our team undergo research by exploration in the field, immersing in the local culture in order to better understand our purpose in voicing the life & story of our subject. We emerged from each production with a deep satisfaction of having learn and grow respect to local wisdom and creating family like bond with local community